Youth Ministry

The youth of our parish are not our future, they are our NOW. We actively seek to provide opportunities for our youth but the most important factor in their spiritual development is YOU. Living a life of Orthodoxy inside and outside the home as a family is one of the most important factors to a child's development in the church. Secondly, allowing your children to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the parish, the diocese and the Orthodox community at large allows your children to network and bond with others who share their values.

Sunday School is held during the school year between Labor Day Weekend and Memorial Day weekend. Our classes are taught by Reader Robert Lush and Parish President Paula Grady.

Altar Boy Reatreat and Young Ladies Encounter are retreats held in Johnstown, PA for several days at the end of June. The young men and women enrich their faith while learning about their specific roles as men and women of the church.

Camp Nazareth is our diocesan program which runs in July. The program is one week and the Bishop expects all children of age to attend.

CrossRoad is a Pan-Orthodox program for high school students finishing their Junior or Senior year. This ONE-TIME opportunity is a 10-day exploration in Vocation and provides opportunities to study the faith, worship and serve the needy with 30 Orthodox students from all over the country.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship is the college organization for students across the country and Canada and provides opportunities to participate in the annual College Conference and Real Break programs. Many colleges have local chapters. Fr. Jonathan is currently the Spiritual Advisor to the NIU OCF.