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Desert Dunes


Discover the ancient faith of the Orthodox Church. Experience her mystical vision of God, and His Kingdom, by the beauty of her worship, the purity of her Christian faith, and her continuity with the past. 


Our History

Early History and Foundation

Orthodox History

The Great Epochs of Orthodoxy

The Sacraments

The Meaning and Importance of Liturgical Life


Form and Characteristics of Orthodox Worship


The Meaning of Theosis As the Goal of Christian Life


The Meaning and Celebration of the Eucharist

Additional Resources

A collection of relevant links


Doctrine and Basic Credal Affirmations

House of God

An Explanation of the Interior of Orthodox Churches

The Church

Procedures for Becoming a Member of the Orthodox Christian Church

Special Services

Non-Sacramental Services Which Contribute to Spiritual Life

Our Faith

Articles and Resources for the Orthodox Christian Church

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