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If you are an Orthodox Christian, We are glad to welcome you to Christ the Savior Parish. If you are not Orthodox, we invite you to come and experience the special blessings of Orthodoxy with us.

All our worship services are in English!

Our parish has roots in Eastern Europe, but our worship, life, and ministry are in English. Therefore, we reach out to and include people in America from all backgrounds. No matter what your religious history, you will find that the Christ the Savior parish offers timeless Christianity for today! Our proclamation of the Gospel of salvation, our worship of the Holy Trinity, and our teaching of the way of Jesus Christ go all the way back to the Apostles. Yet they speak to the deepest needs and concerns of modern people like yourself.

Many Americans are attracted to the Orthodox way because it brings to them a deep spirituality, a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, a close fellowship with other Christians, and the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit. Moreover, Orthodoxy provides a firm foundation for one’s life.

We realize that Orthodoxy may be familiar to some people but strange to many more in America. We are glad to answer your questions and to address your concerns. We hope that you will contact us and, most important, visit us soon! God bless you!



Please see our online calendar for the most up-to-date weekly services:

Sundays 9AM* Matins
              10AM  Divine Liturgy
              12 PM Inquiring Minds (A space for inquirers and Orthodox to ask questions)


CHRISTMAS EVE Dec. 24th - 6:00PM - Vigil Service

CHRISTMAS DAY Dec. 25th - Liturgy 10:00AM 
Coffee Fellowship to follow.

Monday Dec. 26th - 9:00AM Liturgy

Tuesday Dec. 27th - 9:00AM St. Stephen's Day Liturgy


We are praying for those suffering overseas and collecting funds to send through the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC)
Please consider directing your financial assistance through this organization that has many matching funds: https://iocc.org/

*Always check our most recent bulletin and calendar for updates, other services and cancellations.






Parish News

Iconography Project & Renovation Completed

Monday, March 04, 2019

Our parish is overjoyed that iconographer Brian Matthew Whirledge has completed and installed two new icons of the Communion of the Apostles /Mystical Supper on the back wall of the altar area. It has been a goal of Fr. Jonathan's to bring more opportunities to experience God here in the home parish.


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Services & Events

Fasting Day
Mar 29
Presanctified Liturgy w/ Meal
Mar 29 6 pm
Fasting Day
Mar 31
Presanctified Liturgy
Mar 31 6 pm
Lenten Retreat for Western ACROD region
Apr 1
Apr 2 9 am
or parish homepage: https://www.ctsrockford.org ?googlelink=https://www.google.com/calendar/event?eid=azk5ZGg4ZWVmaXM0Zm9hcmkzYnJvNXA2NDdfMjAyMzA0MDJUMTUwMDAwWiBjaHJpc3RzYXZpb3Vyb3J0aG9kb3hAbQ">Divine Liturgy
Apr 2 10 am
Great Compline
Apr 3 6 pm
Fasting Day
Apr 5




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