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Orthodox Christian Network

"About Orthodoxy" (Short Catechism) at the St. Tikhon's Seminary (OCA) site

"An Online Catechism." Moscow Patriarchate. (Adapted from Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev's THE MYSTERY OF FAITH.)

Frederica Matthews-Green on the Mother of God

Living the Orthodox Christian Life

Daily Prayers

The Little Red Prayer Book: Prayer books let today's Christians join with Christians past, present, and future to worship the Lord, make requests of Him, and have our minds aligned with His. This is the standard prayer book in the Antiochian Archdiocese.

The Jordanville Prayer Book: This is another popular Orthodox Christian prayer book.

Orthodox Prayer: This site, a ministry of St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Greenville, South Carolina, offers help elevating the mind and heart to God in praise, in thanksgiving, and in petition for the spiritual and material goods we need.

Daily Scripture Readings

Daily Scripture Readings: This calendar of daily readings features a selection from an epistle and a gospel. The readings are almost always connected. Discerning how presents an opportunity for dialogue with a spouse, child, or friend.

St. James Devotional Guide: A unique devotional guide, which includes daily gospel readings, takes readers through the New Testament every year and the entire Old Testament every two years, pays special attention to the Book of Psalms as a normal component of daily Christian prayer, and is respectful of ancient, ecumenical lectionary traditions. Additional commentary can be found online here.

Lives of the Saints

The Place of Lives of Saints in the Spiritual Life: Hieromonk Damascene explores how important reading the lives of the saints was to St. John Maximovitch and encourages us to do likewise.

Abba Moses: One online collection of lives of the saints

The Prologue from Orchid: Another online collection of lives of the saints

Free Orthodox Online Greeting Cards

Iconograms: “Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep” (Romans 12:15). With Iconograms, do so beautifully.


Get Involved

Pan-Orthodox Ministries


Society of Orthodox Youth Organizations

Orthodox Christian (College) Fellowship

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Women of North America

Orthodox Peace Fellowship

Orthodox Prison Ministry


Global Orthodox Charity

North American Orthodox Charity


Orthodox Mission

Pro-Life Resources

Orthodox Christian Life

Zoe for Life Online

Orthodox Christian Camps, Conference Centers, and Travel Resources

Camp Nazareth Retreat and Conference Center (ACROD)

Egeria Exchange: Orthodox Home and Hospitality Exchange

Orthodox Christian Dating

Orthodox Christian Employment

Orthodox Jobs



Orthodox Christian Home and Church Education


Illumination Learning: A network for sharing Orthodox Christian educational resources

Paidea Classics: Orthodox Christian homeschooling

Orthodox Christian Craft Supply: Hands-on learning for all ages

Orthodox Schools: Orthodox Christian day schools

St. Basil Academy: A Greek Orthodox home for children in need

Continuing Education

Orthodox Church History

Antiochian Academy

Church Music

Russian Liturgical Music & Texts

Church School   

    Department of Christian Education - OCA

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Education

Orthodox Youth

Orthodox Education Curricula

Orthodox Printable Lessons

Phyllis Onest


EOCS: Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting

Orthodox Christian Higher Education


Many of the pan-Orthodox ministries and Orthodox retreat centers provide internships for college-age young people.

The Lived Theology School (ACRD) also offers a unique internship in inner-city mission, open to all.

Liberal Arts Colleges

Hellenic College

St. Katherine College

Orthodox Christian Support at a Local University

Orthodox Christian Alumni Association at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Graduate Correspondence Schools

Antiochian House of Studies and St. Stephen's Course

Orthodox Pastoral School (ROCOR)

Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge


St. Vladimir’s Seminary (OCA)

St. Tikhon’s Seminary (OCA)

St. Herman’s Seminary (OCA)

Christ the Saviour Seminary (ACROD)

Holy Trinity Seminary (ROCOR)

Holy Cross Seminary (GOA)




  ACROD Online Store 


Orthodox Icons and Incense

Orthodox Incense

St. Isaac of Syria Skete

Not of This World Icons and Books

Convent of St. Elizabeth

Dormition Skete

Holy Trinity Store

Monastery Icons

Orthodox Christian Gifts

(Also see “Orthodox Icons and Incense,” above, and “Orthodox Christian Books and Resources,” below.)

Gallery Byzantium Jewelry and Gifts: Orthodox, Byzantine, Celtic, and Russian crosses, medallions, and jewelry

Holy Cross Hermitage: Soaps, foodstuffs, coffee, seasonal gifts, and products for the home altar

The Monastery of St. John's Online Store: Handmade soaps, candles, books, and music

Andija Russian Orthodox Jewelry and Gifts: Unique Orthodox products shipped from overseas

Fullness of Faith Store: Clothing and gear for today's Orthodox Christian youth

Death to the World Store: Orthdox t-shirts for a nihilistic culture

Orthodox Christian Books and Resources

Major Orthodox Publishers & Bookstores

Light 'n Life

Conciliar Press

St. Vladimir's Seminary Press

St. Tikhon's Seminary Press

Orthodox Bookstores Online

(Also see “Orthodox Icons and Incense,” above.)

Easter Christian Supply

Archangel Books

Holy Cross Bookstore

Eighth Day Books

Dormition Books

Academic Orthodox Publishing

OCAB Press

Other Orthodox Publishers

Holy Apostles Convent: Orthodox Bibles and lives of the saints

Alexander Press: Orthodox Christianity in dialogue with philosophy, psychology, and contemporary culture

Synaxis Press: Orthodox theology, personal freedom, and existential personalism, featuring the works of Archbishop Lazar Puhalo

Uncut Mountain Press: Publishers of From I-Ville to You-Ville, a superb introduction to Orthodox ethics for children, among other texts

St. Stylianos Books: Orthodox Christian books for children

Potamitis Publishing: Coloring books for Orthodox children

Anaphora Press: Creative and liturgical arts in Orthodoxy

St. Herman Press: Orthodox Christian spiritual advice

St. Chrysostom Press: Orthodox classics in English


Life & Culture

Orthodox Christian News and Commentary

Road to Emmaus: A Journal of Orthodox Faith and Culture Sretensky Monastery of Moscow's "Orthodox Christianity Online"

Distributist Review: Orthodox and Catholic Economics in Action

Orthodox Net: (Neo)Conservative Orthodox Christian News and Perspective

Orthodox Christian Blogs

Theological Blogs

Silouan: Practicing Orthodox Christianity

Fr. Sergei Sveshnikov: Reflections on the Orthodox Church and the calling of priests

Orthodox Way of Life: Walking the Path to Theosis

Koinonia: An Orthodox priest's thoughts on psychology and the spiritual life

Benedict Seraphim's Revolutions Around the Cruciform Axis

Father Stephen's Glory to God in All Things

Homemaking and Education Blogs

Orthodox Christian Children: Inspiring the Ancient Church's Future Generation

The Liturgical Year for Little Ones

Orthodox Education Ideas

Molly Sabourin's Close to Home

Adventures of an Orthodox Mom

Praying with My Feet (mostly in the narthex): An Orthodox wife and mom's blog on lighthearted parenting

Charming the Birds from the Trees: An Orthodox mom's blog on making a peaceful and lovely family

Our Little Monkeys: An Orthodox mom's blog on natural living and homeschooling