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Inquiring Minds

This is safe space to ask questions and learn about the Orthodox Faith.  There are many people exploring the rich history of Christianity and the 2000 year spiritual inheritance the Orthodox Church carries.   To offer a space without any pressure but simply to explore the teachings and encounter discussion on the depth of Christianity we offer Inquiring Minds.  Classes are offered twice a week and you can attend any.  If you can't stay for Sunday, the same class will be addressed again on Thursdays at 6:30PM following Vespers at 6:00PM.  


Class Schedule
Late Spring / Early Summer 2024
undays 12:15PM /  Thursdays 7:30PM

  • Current Class: July 14th and Thurs. 18th

    • Class Focus Praying for the Reposed and the Remembrance of Death ​

  • Past Classes:  
    What is Prayer?

    Living the Faith / Breathing the Fait

  • Dogma and Ecumenical Councils:
    Academic Teaching

  • Iconography: Seeing the Faith Embodied:
    Visual Teaching: Worship and Veneration

  • Tending to Each Other:
    Empathetic and Nonjudgmental Listening Skills.

  • Old and New Testament
    Scriptural / Historical references for the sacramental life.  Is the Spiritual divorced from the material? How do we prepare for these sacraments?

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